Fun Facts and Figures

Rogers Centre is an all-star location for all events.
The retractable roof is one of the many
spectacular features of the building.

How Big Is It?

  • The entire Rogers Centre development is 12.7 acres (5.14 hectares)
  • There are 143,000 square feet of exhibit space on field level
  • Volume inside with roof closed is 56.5 million cubic feet (1.6 million cubic meters)
  • The diameter of the building is 700 feet
  • The building itself is 11.5 acres (4.66 hectares)
  • The ceiling height is 310 feet

The Retractable Roof

  • The world’s first fully retractable roof opens or closes in 20 minutes
  • The roof rises to a height of 86 meters (282 feet), high enough for a 31 storey building at centre field with the roof closed.
  • The roof is made up of 4 sections which open in a smooth, circular motion
  • The north panel remains stationary while the other three panels retract
  • The roof covers 8 acres (3.2 hectares) and weighs 11,000 tonnes

Rogers Centre Videoboard

  • All videoboards in Rogers Centre are LED displays that are capable of displaying 4.3 trillion colours
  • The main board is 110' x 33' and one of the largest anywhere in the world
  • The boards are only 2" thick
  • If a ball were to strike part of the board during the game, and break it, that piece could be replaced instantly

Where can I sit?
There are five levels: 100 Level, 200 Level, 121 Luxury Suites on 300 and 400 Levels, and the Upper Deck

Event Type Capacity
Baseball 49,282 *Subject to change
Football 47,107 *Subject to change
Other events Subject to change based on floorplan

Fun Facts

  • In 1992, Rogers Centre set the World Record for the greatest number of Hot Air Balloons in an enclosed area - 46 inflated Hot Air Balloons on the field!
  • If one were to line-up all the hot dogs served at Rogers Centre in one year, the hot dogs would cover the distance of 3,241 stolen bases.
  • They say "milk does a body good." Rogers Centre can hold a lot of milk for a lot of healthy people. It would take 1,56 billion litres of milk to completely fill Rogers Centre. Thirsty anyone?
  • Eight 747 planes or 743 Indian Elephants or 516 African Elephants can comfortably fit on the Rogers Centre field when set in baseball mode.
  • A 31-storey office building can fit inside Rogers Centre when the roof is closed.

What is there to eat?
With concessionaire partner ARAMARK, Rogers Centre has a variety of delectable food options available to guests while attending an event:

  • Sightlines™ Restaurant is a two-tiered, 280 seat restaurant overlooking the field which is available to guests by reservation only at home Blue Jays games.
  • Arriba is part of the Renaissance Hotel and overlooks centre field.

The following concession stands were opened to the public in 2009:

  • Roundhouse Carvery and bar (@ section 122): located behind home plate, this destination features a signature carved sandwich – a “Keith’s Red” Roasted Top Sirloin of Beef.
  • Muddy York Market (@ section 109): A fresh market concept that showcases popular fare inspired by Toronto’s diverse neighborhoods and cultures.