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"You Write The Rules"
NEW this year. For the first time ever, fans – yes YOU - are in charge and get to call the shots.
The idea behind The Globetrotters new World Tour show, "You Write The Rules" …..is that YOU decide the new rule we add to Globetrotters basketball, a rule that could affect the outcome of the game!!!
It's easy.
1.CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW to choose the rule YOU think sounds the most awesome crazy fun to vote it into the show.
2.SHARE your vote with your friends so they can vote too.
3.WATCH The Globetrotters live at Rogers Centre on February 9- 10 to discover if your favorite won
Double Points. Do the math. Who wouldn't love scoring double points for every basket? You could see off-the-charts high numbers on the scoreboard if you FIND YOUR LOCATION AND VOTE!
4 Point Shot. THIRTY-FIVE feet from the basket, WAY beyond the NBA 3 point line. Our fans' #1 favorite shot, so tough that you'll ONLY see it in Globetrotter basketball. Want MORE 4 Point shots? FIND YOUR LOCATION AND VOTE!
Penalty Box. New last year, The Penalty Box was where the ref sent Globetrotters to cool their heels. This year, both teams could end up there for ALL fouls, ALL the time. Want to see that? FIND YOUR LOCATION AND VOTE!
6 on 5. FIVE Globetrotters will play SIX opponents??? How will The Globetrotters get out of THAT jam? FIND YOUR LOCATION AND VOTE!

For more information on "You Write The Rules", click here.